Values are vital. They define who you are, and they define what your business is like. For myself, I make no distinction between business and personal values – so far as I am concerned, they are both the same. This is how business should be.

Integrity – deal honestly and ethically with everyone; be loyal and trustworthy; always act with generosity; treat everyone with respect

Reliability – be dependable and keep your word; don’t promise to do something you can’t deliver; if you say you’re going to do something, do it; if circumstances change, tell the person relying on you immediately

Persistency – don’t give up; find ways around problems and barriers; look for new ways to do things

Enthusiasm – be enthusiastic; be proud of what you do; be optimistic and positive

Openness – always keep an open mind, but look for evidence; never stop learning something new, every single day

Parsimony – don’t waste money; do things once, do them right first time

Innovation – try new things; try new challenges; be flexible; develop the new product or service before your competitor does; remember that doing the same old things will get the same old results; don’t let bureaucracy stifle a business; experiment, and be prepared to fail occasionally

Fun – the most important value, always remember that you only get the one chance at life so enjoy it, have fun, be happy, live life to the full