Get Customers Onto Your Website Immediately with AdWords Training

Millions of people ‘Google’ for information every day. With several hundred thousand results available for each search only those appearing on page one of Google are likely to be visited. Many websites never appear in the searches and consequently suffer from a lack of visitors.
AdWords Training is the solution.

Getting onto page one of Google is much easier than you might imagine. In this introductory course we will show you how to use Google AdWords to get onto the first page of Google and many other search engines. The course introduces you to online advertising, how Google AdWords works, the importance of understanding what your customers search for, how to structure an AdWords campaign, and how to create your first campaign.

Google AdWords is an auction, but it’s not just a financial auction - it’s a quality auction too. This means you can spend lots of money to get to the top of the AdWords positions and then have few clickthroughs and conversions, OR you can get it right with AdWords Training and pay less for better positions with fantastic results. Your choice.

Learn How to Beat the Competition on this AdWords Course

The course works through the various elements of an AdWords campaign and how to get the very best return on the money you are spending. Examples of real campaigns are used throughout, and delegates own campaigns can be reviewed and assessed as each topic is discussed.

Delegates are encouraged to bring along a laptop that has the capability of connecting to a wireless network.

The techniques demonstrated are practical and easy to replicate. Real examples will be used to demonstrate how the presenter uses AdWords to obtain traffic on his and his clients’ websites, and how you can quickly use the same ideas yourself to drive pre-qualified traffic to your website via the search facilities on Google and Google partner search engines.

Intro to AdWords Course Content

  • How online advertising works
  • Structuring your AdWords account
  • Choosing keywords that are actually being searched for
  • Improving keywords - finding them, broad/phrase/exact, negative
  • Creating your first AdWords campaign
  • Testing alternative wording, keywords and landing pages
  • Targeting your campaigns geographically.. and in various languages
  • Obtain optimum page quality score
  • Improve click through rates (CTR)
  • Budget setting, bidding and Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Getting the best from your ads - A/B testing
  • Understanding what AdWords is telling you - AdWords data
  • Conversion improvements and landing pages
  • All about Ad Extensions
  • Why the AdWords editor is your friend

Learning Objectives

On completion of this event delegates will be able to

  • Set up and run a Google AdWords campaign
  • Increase the amount of traffic to their website

Who Should Attend?

This practical event is aimed at anyone currently involved in online marketing at all levels.  No technical skills are necessary.