It’s so easy to get a website wrong, but the great news is that it’s also easy to get it right, and if you do then you can easily stand out from the crowd.

Too many organisations walk into a web developer and say ‘we want a website’; great, but who is it aimed at, what do they want it to do, what products (if any) will it sell, and if it is selling products how will the user sort through them to find just what they want? Successful websites are ones that are properly planned so that the developers deliver exactly what you need. We can help you define how the website fits in with the rest of your strategy, exactly how the website should work, how you need to structure your content, and how to write the content to get to the top of the Google rankings.

Once your website is launched you need traffic - users who visit your website. There are two important ways to do this: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online Paid Per Click advertising (PPC). We can manage both of these for you on a monthly retainer basis, and will work with you to integrate everything that is done into your other activities, such as email marketing; or we can train your team on them, and then hand over to you.

The last element is building a competent eCommerce team. Do you need to bring in a web/online marketing specialist into the team, but you’re not really sure what to look for? We can help you define what they should be doing, write the job spec, support the recruitment and interview, and if needed coach and mentor them to get them started.

How we work

We will work with you in a way that suits you:

Website Checkup. Do you just want an assessment of how effective your website is and what you need to do to improve it and your rankings? We can assess your website and tell you what you can do to make it even better.
Project. If you have a specific website or eCommerce project in mind then we can support that project. We can either quote a fixed fee for the delivery or work on a daily rate, whichever you prefer.

Online Growth Retainer. Perhaps all you want is more traffic to your website and more conversions when users get there. We can manage your SEO and your AdWords advertising on a monthly basis for you to maximise the amount of traffic you get for your monthly spend, and will advise on changes to the site to improve conversions.